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About Holy Stone Mini Drone:

  • 3 Batteries Extend Flight Time
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Mini and Portable with motor protection
  • 3 Speed Modes with 3D Flips
  • Propellers protection guard
  • Altitude Hold and Headless Mode
  • Buy Holy Stone Mini drone for kids and beginners on Amazon


Buy Holy Stone Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners In USA 2021

Looking for the best drones for kids? First, you need to consider the safety and suitability of the drone. Hence buy the Holy Stone Mini drone for kids and beginners, which delivers exceptional features and more.

The propellers are isolated by the protection guard. Which protects kids from rotating propellers as well as the drone from damage. So safe and secure.

The drone can perform Circle Fly, Toss to Launch, 3D Flips, Auto Rotation, and more stuff. Your kids will adore it!

The speed is changeable to fit pilots’ flight proficiency.

The Altitude Hold function permits itself to float at firm height stably. With headless mode, you don’t need to stress over the drone facing any specific way, making it a lot simpler to fly. This drone offers cheerful flies for kids, beginners, newbies, etc.

This drone package includes 3 Batteries that increase Flight Time. Hence, the Flight lasts up to 21 Minutes. You will never be disheartened by a dead battery. Also don’t need to wait for charging! Moreover, the low battery power alert spare worries of any loss or damage due to low power.

This mate brings players incredible fun everywhere for hiking, party, fishing, long journey, and more. A great birthday or Christmas or holiday gift for kids or friends!


3 Speed Modes: The drone has 3 distinct modes that are Low, middle, and high speed for users with different skill levels.

Easy Start/ Stop: Simply press one key to flight or land the drone.

Low Battery Alarm: When the drone battery is low, the transmitter will continually beep. So you will never lose the drone.

Motor Protection: Motors stop working when hitting barriers, which can shield motors from wearing out.

Full Protection: The protection guards protect kids as well as the drone from damage.

Altitude Hold: Altitude Hold permits the drone to fly at its current height even when your fingers off the controller.

3D Flips: Do stunts with 3D flips. Kids enjoy this function. Dogs and cats love it too!

Headless Mode: Under the Headless function, the front is consistently where you face. Tell directions with ease!



  • Product Weight: 1.55 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.15*3.15*1.18IN
  • Flight Time: 7 Mins (Each Battery)
  • Charging time: 40-60 Mins
  • Control Range: 164FT
  • Extra Battery Available on Amazon: ASIN B07DTD8MJW


Pros and Cons:


  • Mini & Portable
  • Headless mode available
  • Propellers are isolated by the protection guard
  • It has impressive features with affordable price
  • It has a long flight time of 20 minutes thanks to the three batteries
  • Short recharge time of 60 minutes maximum
  • Can do impressive flips
  • Low battery alert


  • Small size
  • The transmitter range is short at 50 meters
  • No camera. It is a toy drone for fun


Who Should buy Holy Stone Mini drone for kids and beginners?

The Holy Stone HS210 is pointed to as the most reliable beginner drone. However, people who may use this drone say it is superior to most mini-drones they have handled. Thus, anyone can buy this drone. After all, it is so affordable. When you have a couple of grandkids that you need to give blessings in the vacations. Then this tiny drone would create a lasting impact. Additionally, the cost won’t gouge your wallet.



Holy Stone Mini Drone is a tiny drone for both kids and the beginner. Because it has superior features like altitude hold function, headless mode, and long flight time.

This great drone toy is affordable for everybody. The drone comes with three batteries. So can charge one battery while using another.

The drawback of the drone is no inbuilt camera. Otherwise, there are many more things to consider about Holy Stone HS210 Mini drone.

If you are looking for a plug-and-play drone that flies smoothly without any issues. Then buy Holy Stone mini drone for kids and beginners.


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