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About ATTOP Mini Drone:

  • FPV Transmission
  • Durable Safe Material & Low Battery Warning
  • Foldable & Portable Design
  • Gravity Control
  • Trajectory Flight
  • Best Gift Mini Drone with Camera for Beginners


Best Gift Mini Drone With Camera For Beginners In USA 2021

Best Gift Mini Drone with a camera for Beginners permits you to see every scene captured by the drone in real-time. Connecting your phone with ATTOP drones for kids to obtain first-person vivid scene, image, or video.

You can feel the wondrous view from a live video feed via a smartphone app with FPV transmission.

Get a real FPV drone rather than simply a flying remote control toy without paying much. And picking ATTOP X-PACK 2 can satisfy your needs.

ATTOP X-PACK 2 mini drone is invented for not only kids but also adults. Which include altitude hold, headless mode, 3-speed modes, and one key for take-off as well as landing. Take-off and landing are designed on the same button, simply press one button to take it off or land it smoothly.

Altitude Hold can keep the drone at a specific height. This makes it the best gift mini drone with a Camera for Beginners to take video or photos more steadily. Suitable for kids and professionals as well.

ATTOP mini drone with camera for kids has in-built G-sensor that can be managed by App ‘XT GO’. You can operate multiple modes such as trajectory flight, gravity sensor control,  voice control, and AR game mode by using XT GO app.

Why you should buy best gift mini drone with a camera for kids and beginners?

ATTOP drone with the camera will bring you more fun while playing with your child.

ATTOP mini drones for novices with a camera made of import chips and ABS materials. Which is safe and durable. The RC drone needs to utilize 5V2A for charging, and overvoltage protection to avoid unexpected mistakes.

ABS materials are difficult to break. Make sure you follow the user’s manual.

In addition, the mini-drone has a low battery alert. So you can revive the drone when the battery is about to die. Thus, you will not lose your lovely ATTOP mini drone.

The ATTOP X-PACK 2 drone is foldable. Further, the design of this drone is pretty small and light to carry. Its size fits the child’s palm.

You can keep the drone with a camera in your pocket and can take it with you. Moreover, you can fold the drone and placed it in the controller correctly.

Furthermore, when you fully charged it under 5V, the flight time is 5-6 minutes. Kids can easily move this drone to expand their borders.


Great gift for kids: ATTOP Update X-PACK 2 mini-drone with a camera. This will bring you more joy when staying at home play with your kid. Your child will simply fall in love with the games that apply to the small drone. Nice toys for kids.

Foldable Portable Design: You can place the drone with a camera in your pouch and just carry it. Otherwise, you can fold the drone and set it in the controller ideally.

FPV Transmission: FPV First-person view picture or video. You can view the unusual sense from a live video feed through a smartphone app.

Gravity Control: The gravity sensor control permits you to manage the drone by holding and moving the smartphone respectively.

Trajectory Flight: Trajectory flight indicates that the drone will drift according to the flying path. Which you make on the touch screen of your cellphone.

AR Game Mode: AR game mode allows you to feel the pleasure of flying, recording, and games as well.

Voice Control: Voice control enables controlling of the RC drone with easy voice commands like ‘Take off’, ‘landing’, ‘forward’, ‘backward’, ‘right side’, and ‘left side’.

Specially designed for Kids and Beginners. That brings you extreme joy.



  • Product Weight: 5.5 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.16 x 2.56 inches
  • Batteries: 1 AAA batteries required (included)
  • Flight time: 5-6 minutes when fully charged
  • App Control: XT-GO


Pros and Cons:


  • Good quality
  • Good for kids and beginners
  • Support 3D flip
  • Smart app control


  • Can be challenging for beginners



The ATTOP X Pack 2 mini drone is simply marvelous. It is simple to fly and a whole lot of fun.

Flying time is about 8 minutes but that’s common for such a tiny drone. It needs about 30 minutes to charge the battery over a normal USB cord.

We love the fact that the drone auto flies when you let go of the sticks. It makes it much easier to fly without smashing. If you get in trouble just go of the sticks and it will stop. But still, you can continue where you left off.

The drone can do flips. Also, it has one button take-off and landing. If you are a beginner this can be a little challenging for you. But once you fly this drone you never forget the marvelous experience. So purchase best gift mini drone with a camera for not only kids but also beginners.

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