How To Change Colors Of Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard In USA 2021 | Teckarticle

How To Change Colors Of Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard In USA 2021 | Teckarticle

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Change Colors Of Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Are you still using a regular keyboard for gaming? Then it’s time to switch your regular keyboard to a gaming one for enhancing your gaming experience. Gaming keyboards are not only advanced but also adopted with modern technology. The gaming keyboard will improve and optimize your gaming experience. In this article, we are highlighting one of the gaming keyboards that is Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard.

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard.

What is Gaming Keyboard?

Firstly, let’s see what exactly a gaming keyboard is. In simple words gaming, the keyboard is an advanced or ultra-modern keyboard with features specially made for gaming purposes. But in reality, it seems like every manufacturer has its definition of a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards have features like mechanical keys to reduce response time and RGB backlights.

Difference between Gaming and Regular Computer Keyboard:

Most of the computer keyboards are the only peripheral device used for typing reports and documents, preparing presentations, or ranting on social media. However, attaching your PC setup with a specially designed gaming keyboard can allow you to unlock your full potential while playing. Gaming keyboards either have mechanical or membrane keys, giving you tactile feedback and better response time. They even have other qualities you don’t find on regular keyboards, such as programmable keys and RGB backlights.

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard:

The corsair k55 RGB Gaming Keyboard is a decent full-sized gaming keyboard that uses membrane switches. It has six extra macro keys and each micro key is programmable which means you can customize it as per your need. The keyboard has zone-lit RGB backlighting that is beneficial while working in dark. This keyboard is a wired 0.82kg gaming keyboard offering warranty for 2 years. The keyboard has dimensions – 480.02mm x 167.64mm x 35.56mm, for a fine gaming

How to change the colors of the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard?

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard offers dynamic three-zone RGB colors, for better color combination. The changing of colors is distributed in three zones on the keyboard, where you allow to change the color of each zone separately. Also, there are 12 pre-configured modes for backlighting which can be accessed with the use of the Functions keys.

  1. The first zone is the section of a keyboard from the ESC key to F4.

2. The second zone or middle zone is the section of a keyboard from F5 to F12.

3. The third zone is the section of cursor/arrow keys, special keys, and numeric keypad.

To modify the color of all three zones using the keyboard shortcuts, follow the below instructions carefully:

  • First Zone (Fn + F1): First press and hold on the Fn key and then press on F1 again and again to change the color of the First Zone.
  • Second Zone (Fn + F2): press and hold on the Fn key and then press on the F2 key again and again to select the color for the second zone of the keyboard.
  • Third Zone (Fn + F3): Press and hold on the Fn key and then press the F3 key again and again to change the color on the Third zone.

You can even modify the color for all three sections through the 12 pre-configured modes.

Features of corsair k55 gaming keyboard:

  • This gaming keyboard has six programmable macro keys that enable powerful actions, key remaps, and combs. Every key is macro programmable.
  • The keyboard has three-zone dynamic RGB backlighting combined with 10 plus pre-configured RGB lighting modes that let you choose mesmerizing lighting effects.
  • It has exclusive volume as well as multimedia controls for direct audio control without disturbing your game. Very low latency and good ergonomics.
  • Its responsive and noiseless keys give a satisfying feel. Multi-key anti-ghosting make sure the most precise simultaneous key presses.
  • Dust and Spill Resistance – guard your gaming keyboard against unwanted accidents with IP42 protection. So you can play carefree.

Can you use Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard for regular use?

Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard functions just as a normal keyboard does, and can be used for the same purpose. All the basic features that you may find on a regular keyboard can also be found on a corsair k55 gaming device.

Conclusion: Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard is one of the most popular RGB color keyboards in gaming at an affordable price. Its versatile features can make your gaming experience amazing. You can use this keyboard for regular use as well.

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