7 Best Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back Pain In USA 2021 | Teckarticle

7 Best Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back Pain In USA 2021 | Teckarticle

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Best Gaming Chairs Good For Your Back Pain In USA 2021

Nowadays, gaming has become part of our digital life. From younger to older are a fan of video games. Game lovers can play video games day and night, without leaving their chairs. Unfortunately, this results in numerous eye, hearing, and back problems as well. In this article, we are highlighting some affordable and best gaming chairs good for your back pain. So stay tuned with us.

What is a gaming chair?

Firstly, let’s see what exactly a gaming chair is. A gaming chair is purposely invented and thoughtfully designed to support your head, shoulders, arms, back as well as spine while playing. So everyone can enjoy a game while comfortably resting on a chair. The gaming chairs are not identical to the office chairs. The gaming chair holds the ability to revamp your posture, boost internal energy levels, and increase productivity.

Why you should use best gaming chairs for back pain?

According to the news report issued by DFC intelligence, around 3.1 billion of the world population like to enjoy video games. The current world population is 7.9 Billion, meaning almost 40 percent of the globe are video game lovers. If you take the example of professional gamers, they spend many hours on gaming and use cheap chairs. If you sit on a cheap chair for long period, then you might feel lethargy as well as muscle soreness. This can cause pain and your body becomes more tired and exhausted as it tries to compensate.

Here comes the gaming chair in the picture, as it protects your body and supports your muscles from exhaustion. A gaming chair helps you to retain your spine straightened and prevent long-term injuries. When you sit properly, there are more chances that you will play better. A gaming chair is a crystal clear choice for making you a superior gamer.

If you are an office person and spend maximum hours on a regular chair while working, then a gaming chair is like water in the desert. It helps to reduce muscle strain, chances of a herniated disc, and degenerative disc disease while maintaining body posture. Hence you should make use of an amazing gaming chair to sit comfortably and work effortlessly.

Benefits of having a gaming chairs for back pain:

Improved Posture:

Sitting inappropriately while playing can cause bad posture, and result in many back-related problems. The gaming chair is scientifically designed in such a way that it distributes the weight of your body equally. Gaming chairs hold up your body against gravity. A gaming chair supports good posture that reduces stress on joints as well as body muscles, hence boosting circulation and oxygen levels.

Consistent Comfort:

What is the point in purchasing a chair that may not provide reliable comfort? But don’t worry, the gaming chair will fulfill all your comfort requirements. A high padded backrest of the gaming chair with the neck as well as lumbar cushions delivers consistent comfort. It also has armrest and height adjustments that make sure perfect positioning of your body.

Eye-Level Computing:

One of the benefits of having a gaming chair is eye-level computing with luxury. You will surprise to know that all gaming chairs come along with gas-powered lifts. That can raise and lower as per your need. You can revamp your chair to confirm your position is aligned with your eyes on the screen. In that position, you require only to move your eyes to follow the action, not your entire head.

Immersive Computing:

The gaming chair is excellent at providing an immersive computing experience. Immersive computing allows gamers to control the results by linking them with reality but on the safer side. Once you start sitting in a gaming chair, you realize that your back pain and tension have gone.

Increased Energy Levels:

Many people sit uncomfortably while gaming that can develop back, shoulder, and chronic neck problems. When you switch from regular to gaming chair, then you only have to adjust the recline and support pillows up to your eyes are perfectly level to the top of the screen. This little thing can save energy which you can put into gaming.

Audio Inputs:

Some gaming chairs have an audio input feature that is best for console gaming. This feature allows you to experience more immersive audio.

Things to consider before purchasing a gaming chair:

  • High-quality material: Most of the gaming chairs are manufactured from synthetic PU leather. Check whether the material used for the gaming chair passes air and resists temperature fluctuations. If you select a chair without the breathable mesh, sitting for a long period can cause an adverse effect.
  • Adjustment options: The best gaming chairs offer various sitting adjustments. These may include height, head support, armrest positioning, and reclining. These functions provide easy transitions through working as well as gaming times.
  • Neck and lumbar support: These are some of the standard features to take into consideration before buying a gaming chair. Avoid gaming chairs that don’t offer lumbar as well as a neck support.
  • Sturdy base and rollers: The gaming chairs glide easily on all surfaces across the floor. This feature helps you to reduces the stress on the arms and back by allowing you to move around while sitting. This makes you rest more comfortably while playing and working.

According to the research here are 7 best gaming chairs good for back Pain:

This list of 7 best gaming chairs good for back pain and an office work reflects our personal opinion and we have listed products based on quality, durability, price, and more.

Herman Miller X Logitech:

Best Gaming Chairs Good For Back Pain

This gaming chair is a deadly collaboration between Herman Miller and Logitech company. Hence, without a doubt, it is the most comfortable and convenient gaming chair on the market. This exhibit an enticing powder-coated graphite finish polyester upholstery foam arm pads and a multi-layer seat. This fabulous chair was designed with the expertise of more than 30 physicians as well as ergonomic experts.

Highlighting the main features:

  • It works marvelously at supporting your spine and keeping you both cool and energetic.
  • You can tune up the chair to assure comfortability and relaxation.
  • The company provides 12 years warranty on the chair.

AKRacing Core Series EX wide gaming chair:

Best Gaming Chairs Good For Back Pain

AK Racing Core series will provide you some extra space. The extra space means extra comfort. If you want a large chair, then the company’s master max chair can support up to 400 pounds and a BMI of up to 41. Buy from Amazon

Highlighting the main features:

  • The gaming chair has a maximum weight capacity of up to 330 pounds and dimensions fitted for gamers with a BMI of up to 35.
  • This chair comes with two removable pillows – one head cushion and one lumbar support cushion.
  • Instead of being enclosed in PU leather, it’s upholstered in a mesh polyester fabric which builds it more breathable than other chairs. The chair is sturdy and relatively comfortable.
  • You can modify the seat height swivel and rubber armrest arrangement.
  • The chair can recline and fold back into a completely 180-degree angle.


  • The AK Racing Core Series gaming chair is not as padded as costly chairs.

Secretlab OMEGA Gaming chairs Good For Back Pain

Best Gaming Chairs Good For Back Pain

It is one of the most well-design gaming chairs. The Secretlab Omega gaming chair is the choice of many world’s top esports teams. Secret abs even offer special edition themed chairs inspired by various facets of pop culture like a game of thrones, cyberpunk 2077, overwatch, and electronics music DJs. Buy from Amazon

Highlighting the main features:

  • The chair supports up to 240 pounds and only suit for gamers under 6 feet tall.
  • It is an extremely customizable and versatile chair.
  • It is made up of smooth and durable PU leather. Soft and fluffy fabric and a more premium Nappa leather.
  • Offer superb support and maintain proper posture.
  • Of course, you can adjust tilt height and armrests. The chair can be lifted and down, tilted from side to side, and can move forward and back.
  • Secretlab chairs come with a generous 3 years warranty.


  • The built-in headrest is not adjustable. So the company includes a head pillow and lumbar support cushion separately with a chair.

Noblechairs ICON gaming chair:

It is a luxurious-looking option that is also the company’s less expensive at 430 dollars. It does not run cheaply. But you are paying for stylish looks, first-class workmanship, and excellent comfort. Overall if you are in search of a superior gaming chair with a subdued color scheme the icon chair is your soulmate. Buy from Amazon

Highlighting the main features:

  • A chair which accommodates user under 6 feet and supports up to 330 pounds.
  • The icon chair has a solid steel frame and five-star diamond-patterned stitching that comes in black, blue, red, yellow, and white as well. The Noblechairs ICON’s foam cushioning is plenty breathable and durable.
  • The chair is quite supportive and built to last long.
  • It employs two detachable cushions for those who desire additional neck and lumbar support.
  • You can alter the height for relaxing at the perfect angle and the armrest. It can be adjusted across 4D – horizontally, vertically, tilt as well as laterally.


  • The Noblechairs ICON gaming chair is quite expensive than other chairs.

DXRacing Series RAA106 Gaming chair:

Best Gaming Chairs Good For Back Pain

When you imagine a gaming chair possibilities are you visualize a race car style seat that is made of vivid leather. You can thank DX Racer for that as it is the first company that produced gaming chairs. The chair is available in many colors and patterns. Gamers who desire a larger and wider design should opt for the best series chair. If you are looking for a sleek racing chair that reclines you won’t be disappointed by choosing this chair. Buy from Amazon

Highlighting the main features:

  • It has a capacity of up to 200 pounds and suitable for gamers up to 6 feet tall.
  • The chairs are reasonably priced, comfortable, and sturdy. Hence they will stand out in your game room.
  • The both height and angle of chair is easily rearrangeable.
  • You can even lower, raise, slide, forward, and backward the armrest across a 2.5-inch span.
  • You can adjust the armrest inward and upwards slightly up to 15 degrees.


  • DX Racer chair does not have as much foam padding. So the company provides a headrest and lumbar support cushion.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair:

Most gaming chairs provide lumbar support that can’t be adjusted. On the other hand, is one of the few that provides total support for your back. That is because the chair features a built-in fully adjustable lumbar support column. The large logo adorning its headrest chair flaunts neon green switching. The Razer Iskur chair has a steep 500 price. It is the only chair we have come across that offers an integrated ergonomic lumbar support system making it worthy of the splurge. Buy from Amazon

Highlighting the main features:

  • It has a curvier back that can be flush with the rest of the chair or extend it out at an angle of more than 30 degrees to better your poster.
  • Help you achieve a neutral spine.
  • The chair supports height from 5 feet to 6 feet 2.
  • It has upholstery that is made from black synthetic leather.
  • The chair is made of luxury contoured cushions that support up to 300 pounds. Its armrest can be adjusted up to and down, forward, backward, left, right, and provided inwards and outwards.


  • The cost of the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair is a bit more than other gaming chairs.

GT Racing Pro Series Gaming Chairs For Back Pain:

For those who want bright as well as vibrant racing gaming style, then look no further than the GT Racing Pro series. GT racing pro series is more affordable and comes in seven eye-catching color combinations. Other than pink, there are blue, purple, red, black, gray as well as white color cushioning. 

Highlighting the main features:

  • The chair is produced from silken PU leather.
  • It a strong yet sturdy metal frame, that supports up to 330 pounds.
  • Also, the chair offers smooth-rolling casters.
  • It swivels reclines. Both armrest and seat height can be adjusted as well. Additionally, comes with a lumbar support pillow and neck pillow to improve ergonomics. Buy from Amazon
Our final words will guide you to choose one among the 7 best gaming chairs good for back pain and neck problems while gaming.
If you are looking for a maximum warranty then the Logitech gaming chair is perfect for you.
The Secretlab gaming chairs provide excellent cushion comfort that is good for your back.
The Noblechairs Icon gaming chair features 4D adjustments, so you can rest your arms like a king.
The Ak Racing and GT Racing gaming chairs have a sitting capacity of up to 330 pounds. Both the chairs are ideal for larger gamers.
The Razer Iskur chair features a built-in fully adjustable lumbar support column with premium construction. But it does not allow to sit cross-legged.
You will not regret at any point after purchasing the DX Racer gaming chair. Affordable chair with vibrant features.
you can use the best gaming chairs for both back pain and office work as well.

If you have any queries about gaming chairs then write in the comments section.

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